A Major Overhaul & Hydro Modernization Achieves Greater Output & Performance

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A Major Overhaul & Hydro Modernization Achieves Greater Output & Performance


December 20, 2021


Ashby Ward, Operations Manager, & John Loubier, President, CEO TurbinePROs Field & Specialty Services


A Major Overhaul & Hydro Modernization Achieves Greater Output & Performance

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Due to deterioration 和 degradation of 的 OEM unit, a run-of-的-river hydro plant built in 1923 sought an alternate solution to ensure optimal condition. The turbines, manufactured by S. Morgan Smith, which are eclectic in nature 和 age, needed to be evaluated 和 refurbished. TurbinePROs Field Services executed a full refurbishment 和 modifications that included manufacturing of a new head cover 和 wicket gates. The result was greater output 和 enhanced operation post refurbishment.

Engineering & Fabrication of Head Cover & Manufacturing of New Wicket Gates

The vast array of contrasting welds from previous repairs on 的 head cover yielded failure points, which required engineering 和 fabrication of a new head cover. In addition, due to 的 age 和 degradation of OEM manufactured wicket gates, it was determined that engineering, 设计, 和 manufacturing of new wicket gates was needed.


Plant 和 Field Services Team Worked Closely to Minimize Downtime, Increase Efficiency, 和 Help Extend 的 Life of 的 Plant’s Equipment

TurbinePROs’ hydro field services team customized services to fit 的 plant’s specific project needs,  预算, 和 schedule. In addition, key 和 craft labor workforce were chosen based on 的ir unit-specific expertise. This approach streamlined solutions for plant staff 和 resulted in increased equipment efficiency, productive timeline, 和 positive impact on 的 plant’s bottom-line.

Outage Planning Streamlined 范围

From assessing 的 unit 和 planning 的 outage, TurbinePROs collaborated with plant operations to determine 的 scope, which included:

  • Detailed Outage Management
  • Major Overhaul
  • Modernization
  • Generator Testing & 修复
  • Sectionalized Inspections
  • Parts Reverse Engineering & Manufacturing
  • New Installations
  • Spherical Valve Maintenance/Refurbishment
  • Cavitation / Welding 修复
  • Commissioning
  • In-Place Machining
  • Line Boring
  • Complete Team: Project Managers, 安全, 质量, Technical Field Advisors, Field Supervisors, 和 All Craft Labor
  • Containerized Tooling

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John Loubier: jloubier@turbinepros.com

Ashby Ward: award@turbinepros.com