BREAKING NEWS: 水力 Receives Major Support in Senate Reconciliation Proposal

BREAKING NEWS: 水力 Receives Major Support in Senate Reconciliation Proposal



On Saturday, 12月11日, the waterpower industry scored a significant victory, as U.S. Senate Committee on Finance chairman Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) released updated text of the Committee’s title of the reconciliation legislation known as the 重建更好的法案.

值得注意的是, the revisions added several additional tax credits to help preserve 和 enhance the waterpower industry. 马尔科姆·伍尔夫, president 和 CEO of the 国家水电协会 (beat365官方app下载), characterized the bill as a major step forward for hydropower that will encourage targeted investments for new 和 existing hydropower.

的 association 和 its members have been consistently calling out the failure to include tax credits to support the existing hydropower fleet in the reconciliation package 由众议院批准.

“的 addition of new provisions to preserve 和 enhance the existing fleet of hydropower facilities in the clean energy tax package is an important recognition by the Democrats that hydropower plays an essential part in a climate solution,伍尔夫说:. “beat365官方app下载 applauds our many legislative champions, including Senators Ron Wyden 和 Maria Cantwell, 和众议员安妮·库斯特, for fighting to ensure that the nation’s second largest source of renewable generation is not left behind as we transition to a clean energy grid.”


revised “Build Back Better” reconciliation package 周六被怀登参议员释放, 12月11日, includes tax credit provisions specifically for waterpower.


  • 30% investment tax credit (ITC) for five years (with direct pay for public power) for “hydropower environmental improvements” at existing hydropower facilities, 定义包括用于改善的投资:
    • 鱼通道
    • 水质(如曝气涡轮机)
    • downstream sediment transport 和 habitat maintenance
  • Full value (up from the previous half credit) production tax credit for building new hydropower at existing dams, 海洋能源, 以及其他新增水电, 延长了十年.

这些修改 除了 to the already-included provisions that would provide 30%的ITC用于抽水蓄能 并使水力符合资格 先进制造业税收抵免.

According to beat365官方app下载’s Woolf, the bill still does not include all of beat365官方app下载’s aspirations. While the Senate Finance Committee’s updated text provides the 30% ITC for “hydropower environmental improvements,” it would only apply to projects that start construction before January 1, 2027. beat365官方app下载 is pushing to extend that credit to 10 years.

除了, 大坝安全的税收抵免, 网格弹性, 和 dam removal investments are not currently included in the package.


的 Senate Energy 和 Natural 资源 Committee 和 the Environment 和 Public Works Committees are expected to release their latest “重建更好的法案” versions this week.

According to Senate Finance Committee Chair Wyden’s 声明, 委员会的更新文本, which includes technical 和 policy changes as well as modifications to ensure compliance with Senate budget rules, 准备好继续前进:

“的 Finance Committee has made targeted improvements to the 重建更好的法案, 和 is ready to move forward in this process. beat365官方app下载的方案是历史性的. 它将创造高薪的工作岗位, 降低抚养一个家庭的成本, combat the climate crisis 和 reduce energy bills, 建设更多经济适用房, 和 cut health care costs for families 和 seniors. 的 package is fully paid for by ensuring profitable mega-corporations 和 wealthiest Americans pay their fair share. 当谈话继续进行时, the committee is prepared for bipartisan meetings with the Senate parliamentarian next week.”

的 bill moves next to the Senate Parliamentarian 和 then the Senate floor.

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough is responsible for vetting the package to ensure each provision has some direct impact on federal spending or revenue.

随着进程的推进, Woolf says beat365官方app下载 continues to champion waterpower as America’s premier carbon-free source of renewable electricity.

“If we fail to leverage every renewable resource, we heighten the risk of failure in our fight against climate change, at a moment when we can’t afford a single step backwards,艾丽西亚·巴顿说, CEO of FirstLight Power 和 co-chair of beat365官方app下载’s CEO Council, 在最近出版的 效用潜水 article.